Nutricious and Delicious #5: Pasta and Kale

Hello everyone. Pasta is my favorite comfort food. If you use whole wheat pasta and many vegetables, this dish can becomes healthier. Let me know if you like it.. Meanwhile I wish you all a lovely day.


source: by Styleandlipstick

Ingredients: 400 grams of whole wheat pasta – 1 medium potatoe cut into small pieces – 400 grams of kale roughly chopped – 3 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil – 1 medium clove of garlic – salt and pepper to taste.

Instruction: Bring a medium saucepan filled with salted water to boil over high heat. Add the vegetables in the boiling salted water for about 15 minutes. Drain the vegetables and shake to remove excess water. Cook pasta according to the package directions.While the pasta cooks, heat a large frying pan over medium heat. Add extra virgin olive oil, garlic, vegetables and drained pasta and sautรฉ until heated. Salt and pepper to taste. Bon apรฉtit.




About paulinemarina Hello everyone I come from Italy. I'm degree in marketing textiles and clothing, I work in fashion, I love style, travelling, food and beauty. "Work hard, dream big, and make it happen is my everyday mantra".
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9 Responses to Nutricious and Delicious #5: Pasta and Kale

  1. Cee says:

    I’ve been seriously craving chicken riggies, but have not seen a place that offers it now that I’ve moved back into the city. Maybe it’s an upstate thing? Makes me sad. But yes, pasta is the best, the MAIN comfort food of all time.

  2. theshowear says:

    I Love Pasta! A lovely day to you too!!! Krystel

  3. azurachan says:

    Yummy!! ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹ Enjoy your pasta!

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  5. ericrynne says:

    Wow, maybe I will think twice about going to my favorite Pizza restaurant in San Jose, and treat my girlfriend to this wonderful dish!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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