Burgundy & Mustard Trends

Hello everyone. Burgundy red and mustard yellow are the fashion color trends of this season.. Not necessarily in combination… You can also wear a total black outfit with a burgundy or mustard clutch for a pop of color… Personally I love them both.. And you? what do you think?.. I wish you all a pleasant day.

mustard & burgundy

source: pinterest


source: google image

mustard Yellow

source: google image




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https://styleandlipstick.wordpress.com. Hello everyone I come from Italy. I'm degree in marketing textiles and clothing, I work in fashion, I love style, travelling, food and beauty. "Work hard, dream big, and make it happen is my everyday mantra".
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16 Responses to Burgundy & Mustard Trends

  1. hideorgochic says:

    I love burgundy (especially for fall)! Pairing it w/ mustard wouldn’t be the first color combination to cross my mind – but it works in that first pic! http://hideorgochic.wordpress.com

  2. bookyboop says:

    i don’t like mustard for me, but i like this kind of red!

  3. Absolutely glamourous! πŸ™‚

  4. Love the burgundy red! So rich & regal.

  5. I can handle the burgundy but not the mustard.

  6. Ana D says:

    I like burgundy, but mustard isn’t may favourite., however both of your style inspiration collections are fab! I especially love the Dolce and Gabbana and the Krizia looks!

  7. vivalaViv says:

    What a great post Pauline!
    I must admit that I love Burgundy red and Mustard yellow, BUT I’ve never mixed them at the same time. Funny enough to say that; my S/S bag is in Mustard yellow, and my A/W bag is in Burgundy red!
    Here’s my mustard yellow bag:

    Vivienne X X

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