Flatform shoes

Hello everyone. The flatform shoes have been proposed by Prada and have become a real trend for this season. They are a cross between a wedges and a platform, but have the sole completely flat. On the market there are several low cost models.. What do you think? And if you already own I wonder if they are comfortable as they seem … I think it will be one of my next purchases. I wish you a good day.

Ciao a tutte. Le scarpe flatform sono state proposte da Prada e sono diventate un vero trend per questa stagione. Sono a metΓ  tra una zeppa e una platform, ma hanno la suola completamente piatta. In commercio si trovano diversi modelli low cost, voi che ne pensate? E se giΓ  le possedete mi chiedo se sono comode come sembrano… penso che sarΓ  uno dei miei prossimi acquisti. Vi auguro una buona giornata.

flatform 1Prada – source: examiner.com

flatform 3source: Zara.net



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15 Responses to Flatform shoes

  1. deejsounds says:

    love platforms!!!

  2. sojustnice says:

    I m petite and I love this style but I think they make me look totally out of proportion. I think they look awesome on others though!

  3. Downtown J says:

    I own a Joe Fresh pair, and might I say they are extremely comfortable! Totally suggest buying a pair yourself!

  4. They look comfortable. I am yet to try a pair though. If you try let me know how it feels to walk in those lovely platforms:)

  5. shiroknowes says:

    I like them also if they in my eyes are less elegant than the other shoes! But because they seemed so easy for walk I would love them πŸ™‚

  6. Miss Misfit says:

    These are great for the uneven streets in IT. They remind me of shoes I wore in high school called “Creepers” I still see them around occassionaly. Of course these are WAY more elegant!

  7. I think they would probably a good stylish alternative for travel. That being said though, I still can’t bring myself to try them out. On account I think it makes me look too funny to be so highly elevated without a curve in my foot. Perhaps much like a Geisha

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